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Being in charge of planning a big corporate event is a major responsibility. One wrong decision or a slight delay in schedule can result in a total disaster that can cost the company a great deal of money. As for experienced event planners, coordinating a corporate event is no longer a hassle, but the same cannot be said for everyone.

Here are a few event planning secrets that can save you time, effort, and stress, even if you’re new to the event planning industry:

1. Budget Approval

Before starting on anything else make sure the budget for the event is already approved. Without the funds, you will find yourself stuck and unable to do anything else.

2. Start Early

Depending on how large the event is, starting no later than 6 months is the best way to handle all the responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed. Never leave anything to last minute or you will scramble to make everything work.

3. Find The Right People

You cannot do everything by yourself. It is necessary to find at least two people for your team to help you coordinate with everyone else to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible, before and during the party.

4. Book A Venue

Narrow down the list of potential venues and call about their rates. Book one as soon as possible and always have a Plan B in case the first choice cannot accommodate your needs.

5. Consider Food And Drinks

Guests will expect some refreshments during the event. Consult with the best Northern VA catering companies about the best food and beverage options for your event. Remember, that a causal event will not have the same type of food as a formal sit-down company gathering. Be clear with the Northern VA catering companies about the type of event you are planning to throw.

6. Concentrate On Promotion

Once you have all the basics, such as the date, venue, and all the highlights of the event in place, start the promotional work. An event can only be successful if you can get an ROI at the end of it all.

7. Follow Up Again And Again And Again

Although it might seem annoying, you need to follow up with your vendors. Make sure that everyone who is providing their services for the event has confirmed and re-confirmed that they are on board.

8. Check Weather Predictions

If you are hosting an outdoor company event make sure that you keep yourself updated with the weather predictions at least one week before the big day. This way you can cancel or find an alternative venue earlier if the weather does turn bad.

9. Stay Updated

Even if you have assigned responsibility for different things to other people you always have to stay updated with their progress. Handle problems head-on instead of waiting for them to become bigger, this way you don’t have to do any last minute fixes.

10. Enjoy

On the day of the event, try not to stress out too much. You are also allowed to enjoy the night, even if you are still working to make it the best corporate event ever.

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