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The current polar vortex that is affecting several states in the country has impacted many lives. Most people weren’t prepared for the sudden and drastic drop in temperatures leaving them trapped inside their homes. Of course staying warm and comfortable until the vortex has passed is the main priority, but once the temperatures return to normal, life should as well.

Going back to your usual daily routine is only possible if your car was winterized properly, if not you will probably stay stuck until a technician can solve the issue. To avoid this from happening to you, here are different ways to winterize your Mercedes Benz properly:

1 – Defrosting

Before driving away in your Mercedes make sure that it has fully defrosted and you have more than enough visibility from the windshield to avoid accidents.

2 – Drive Slowly

Driving on snow-covered roads is dangerous and slippery. Maintain a slow and steady speed while leaving more than enough room behind the car in front in case of an accident.

3 – Invest In Winter-Ready Wiper Blades

Worn out and old wiper blades tend to crack which leads to slow and squeaky blades that cannot clean the windshield properly. buy Mercedes Benz parts and change the wiper blades with ones that are winter-ready and more durable so your view doesn’t become obstructed with snow while on the road.

4 – Save Battery Power

Turn off the lights, display screens, as well as other Mercedes Benz features that are unnecessary as soon as you are done to conserve battery. You don’t want to suddenly lose power in the middle of a drive.

5 – Use Antifreeze

Fill the cooling system of your car with antifreeze to prevent the system from freezing over. Top it off regularly to ensure that everything runs smoothly even in freezing temperatures.

6 – Double Check Tire Pressure

Take a look at the vehicle’s manual and see the recommended tire pressure for your car. Check that all tires have the correct pressure level because this will make the car easier to control, even on icy roads.

7 – Replace Old Tires

Tire treads tend to get worn down with use. A good way to ensure safety on the road is to buy Mercedes Benz parts like brand new tires so that the treads maintain a good grip on slippery roads throughout winter.

8 – Pack For Emergencies

Have a toolbox with the necessary winter tools ready for use in your car. Basic items like an ice scraper, gloves, and booster cables are a must. If you have space, add a shovel inside the kit too so that you can clear away snow when needed.

9 – Clean Headlamps And Windows

Maintaining excellent visibility is a must for winter driving. Keeping the headlamps clean and the windows free of any obstructions allows you to drive a little safer on the road, even during extreme conditions.

If it is possible to avoid driving on icy and slippery roads during winter, avoid it for your own safety. In cases where you do need to drive, make sure that you fully winterize your vehicle before heading out.

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