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Global warming off late has turned into the most obvious topic of discussion nowadays. The cause of this bio hazard has created a great confusion among all.

It may be pollution, ultraviolet rays or garbage recycling; each has its contribution towards global warming. Global warming is closely related to the depletion of the ozone layer of the planet.

The use of electronic gadgets like refrigerators or air conditioners for a living, are considered the prime contributors for such a hazard to the planet. The gases emitted out of these give way to ultraviolet which indirectly invite skin cancer.

Factors that can be avoided for encouraging global warming

Make sure that refrigerators which are used at home or commercial spaces are such that they do not emit harmful gases which might trigger the ultraviolet rays. The air conditioners also emit harmful gases  upon their usage in the long run. Either in residential or in commercial usage, these gadgets cause trouble if their usages are not tracked upon.

The other factors that can be responsible and can be avoided are the usage of personal vehicles or modes of transport that contribute pollution to the environment. These also pave way for global warming.

Some medicines or cosmetics also have harmful chemicals in them, the production upon which can pollute the environment and can invite global warming to be their guest over an industrial smoking chimney. The awareness about global warming can also be generated through a global warming essay.

The ethical perspective

Just as there are ethics at the workplace, there are some ethics an individual needs to follow in order to contribute towards the environment.

There are some habits like that of garbage disposal, which may seem to be very minute, but are very effective in contributing towards global warming and its prevention. States, towns and cities have segregated the wastes disposed out of every household. There are clear instructions for almost every city now to segregate their wastes in the following categories:

  1. Wet waste
  2. Dry waste
  3. Medical waste

This demarcation and segregation is made in order that it does not become difficult for the garbage officials to recycle this waste. This waste, actually comes in truckloads, and if garbage collectors make mistakes in segregating the wastes, it shall directly affect the environment. This might even turn up to be fodder for global warming.

Once while talking to garbage officials, it gave me an idea of collating an ethics essay

Some habits that might help in curbing global warming

Planting of trees or small plants helps in replenishing oxygen in the atmosphere. The effect of polluted air is minimalized and global warming is also curbed and controlled to a certain extent.

Switching off vehicle engines while waiting at a traffic signal also does not pollute the air and prove to be hazardous for others driving on the same route. As also switching over to environmental friendly sources. An option like that of compressed natural gases, over petrol has helped people in contributing towards the environment like responsible citizens.

Global warming is such a vast subject of study that it is easy to collate an informative essay on the same.

However, despite of all these efforts, some people do not understand the importance of this natural hazard.

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