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Climate or weather change does affect our lifestyle and living. This also includes personal care. Summers include having cold beverages and water along with fruits. Winter shall encourage more of hot beverages, warm clothes and so on. Rains shall invite raincoats and waterproofing in houses. Cracks are sealed in households to avoid leakages and rainwater entering into the premise.

Climate or weather change is sudden. And this needs prior preparation.

A little more detail

Climate and weather are the two best friends which are inseparable. These two are results of the earth’s movement around the sun and hence affecting us directly.

But in the recent years, the planet is in distress due to human habits. There is shortfall of water, and wastages need to be curbed on priority. Seasonal fluctuations are also one effect of the climate and weather change. Garbage recycling is also a major issue due to the growth in population. Pollution due to rise in the number of vehicles have made the rainwater go acidic and have affected the lives of others too. Depletion of natural resources are also creating a chaos in the environment.

Such is the climate change essay of the planet.

Effect upon the humans

Human behavior is to be prepared for the circumstances to come. Hence it might have been noticed that humans stock up food and health supplies in advance. This implies planning in ahead for the events that may occur and that the household does not suffer the circumstances.

The famous story of the ant and the grasshopper is passed on from generation to generation in order to ignite value of stocking up and saving for the future in advance. This famous grandma tale has been passed on to every kindergarten toddler as well as their parents.

Also one more important lesson has been taught by this tale that, save enough such that those in need of help can happily step in and feel welcomed. This crisis does not belong to a single person alone, but also to the whole earth.

If help is interlinked with all, then crisis can be fought with ease. Also life can be enjoyed peacefully.

United we stand

There are research papers and journals which state that unity in distress helps overcome the calamity. There have been many settlements or villages or towns which may have experienced calamities like the spoon river anthopology. They either might have won it together or they might just have perished in the lands of nowhere.

Draught conditions, war, or epidemic has taken a toll on many lives in the past. The people were not so well equipped then. Dynasties have lost their ancestors due to natural calamities caused due to climate and weather change.

Some of the major changes in human behavior has become to saving. It may be saving water during chores or rainwater harvesting. Recycling of garbage and deriving compost for plants as fertilizers.

Switching of vehicle engines while waiting at the traffic signal also seems to be a healthy habit. This shall help in saving fuel for the future.

Climatic and weather changes hence can occur due to human habits or even due to the movement of the planet. Mostly it is the humans that are responsible for depleting as well as saving the environment.

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