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What began as a rumor in which many did not believe, assuring that it was an optical illusion or mere comments from some producers was finally recognized as real. Although, it was a phenomenon that occurs very rarely and usually only in the buds or in an area of the medical cannabis plant.

If you’ve ever had the chance to see it in person or have seen it in the real photos, you’ve surely been surprised at the beauty of an albino cannabis plant, commonly known as white cannabis. Until recently, we have not heard of this type of plant, but from the moment it started to appear, the first critics who said it was just a myth and the images were optical effects or were retouched.

However, later on, the experts in botany and the plant world explained that, indeed, this phenomenon was real and was due to a mutation of the plant that occurs very rarely and when that happens it is because the genes that chlorophyll control in the plant do not grow properly, resulting in white cannabis or albino marijuana.

Quality and Durability of Albino Cannabis


As to whether this cannabis can be consumed or not, the fact is that it has not been proved or refuted otherwise. The plant produces its flower, but it does not have the required level of chlorophyll.


On the other hand, many people who wonder if this plant can last or not. The truth is that most of them die early without being invaded by pests, simply because they do not produce the level of chlorophyll it needs to grow. Indeed, the cuttings that are removed from these plants are doomed to die immediately.

However, and surprisingly, there have been some cases of surviving albino marijuana plants. The experts have not yet managed to discover exactly what they eat if it doesn’t contain chlorophyll, but some opinions suggest that they do it in a parasitic way, that is to say, that they remove nutrients from other plants or organisms that previously drew it.

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