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There are many subjects, which are very hard to understand. Sometimes we lose much of our time and patience to understand a subject but fail miserably at the end of the day. The reason behind this is the lack of proper guidance and proper study technique. To understand a tough subject, we sometime study hard for several hours and end up in overtaxing our brains, which is very irritating and unnecessary. We need proper techniques to understand a tough subject. Today, we are going talk about some of the tips, which will help you to grab a tough subject easily. To make your life comfortable, so that you can study in peace, do some shopping from to save now, and keep on reading.

  1. Before going to the books, go for some real problems

Sometimes, you will observe that while studying a book, you will feel that you have understood the concept but when you deal with the real problems, you will feel perplexed. We are not saying that reading books will not help you, but only reading books will deter you from understanding the subject properly. This is because, the books are generally at high level and only cover general topics but fixing real problems will let you to visualize the concept more meticulously. So, go for the real problems before indulging yourself to books.

  1. Integrate your subject in short chunks

There is a chance that your brain will get overloaded if you want to gather too much information at once. So, try to go for pomodoro, a technique which is used to study huge subjects easily. This process is very easy. Integrate your subject in small chunks and finish those within a given period of time. Say, for 25 minutes. Then take a short break and try to recapitulate what you have learnt. It will give your brain a small window for fresh and will also give you a chance to interact with your knowledge. This technique will help you understand a tough subject and will also lower down the stress of your brain.

  1. Be confident about your intellectuality

It is very important to be confident about your capability in order to understand a tough subject. Most of the times, we tend to give up because we think that the subject is too hard to be understood. We don’t even try to understand it. According to human psychology, it is very easy to guide our brain that ‘I cannot do this task’ rather than guiding it ‘Yes, I can do it’. So, train your brain in such a way that it feels confident to take up any task.

  1. Using simple comparisons and analogies can be very helpful

It is a very useful and impactful technique to understand a difficult a subject. This actually helps your brain to grow up. Try to simplify your subject by comparing it to simple examples. This will prove that your brain is actually getting connected with the subject. Go a step ahead by writing down your analogy. It will help you infuse the subject more deeply to your brain. In terms of psychology, you are converting your learning into ‘neural memory structure’ by writing. By this, your brain is literally going into some physical changes.

  1. Try to learn the same information in several ways

According to some studies, it has been proved that learning the same thing in different ways helps to activate the different parts of the brain. By this you can not only understand the subject but the information will be retained in your brain for a longer time. There are many methods of learning a subject. Let us discuss some of those:

  • Read all the class notes.
  • Read the textbook related to the subject.
  • Watch videos related to the subject.
  • Go through all the other internet resources.
  • Teach someone whatever you’ve learnt. It will also help you understand the subject more precisely.
  • Find problems from different sources and trey to solve them.
  • Make a mind map and put all the information in it.

It is very obvious that you cannot do this all at once. But, each time when you review the topic, use a different source.

We can understand that it is very hard to understand the complicated subjects. But, that should not deter us from exploring new things and subjects so that they can help us expanding our minds. So, go through the above written article carefully and say goodbye to the fear of learning a tough subject.

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