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Employees need to save tax. They also need to have full record of earnings and expenditures to make correct investment decisions. It becomes quite cumbersome to visit a tax consultant and get things done. What if you have a tool right at your work desk that can help you manage your finances? Yes, look no further! The payroll software has been introduced in the market. It has everything to ensure that you know what you have earned and how you can save more.

The software provides lots of crucial information related to managing finances such as:

  1. Dedicated user profiles: Software can be used for employee record maintenance with the freedom of editing profile given to the user. The employee can see the leaves taken, salary slip, tax payable, and even see records of loans running here. The profile is password protected and the complete financial information is available only to the person concerned.
  2. Investment options: Depending upon the size of earnings, the employee can be given choices of investments to make. The software can be linked to mutual fund AMCs, or home loan providing banks and financial institutions to provide the easiest and the fastest way to invest. The payroll managing software allows the users to manage investments better by sending alerts for due EMIs and premiums.
  3. Pay cuts and bonuses: Since employee payroll keeps record of leaves, paid leaves, compensation offs etc, one can find out the total amount of receivable accumulated at the end of the month. These records can be of great help in maintaining service record and for tax computations.

So, get payroll calculator installed in your desktop and see how it makes your life at work completely seamless. It is the first step towards achieving a seamless way of managing finance without cutting on the work days and affecting productivity.

TT Ads

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