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Children should visit a pediatrician as soon as possible after they’re born. The first few days after birth are critical ones, to ensure that your child gets off to the best start possible. Your child’s pediatrician could be their doctor up to or even more than the age of 18. Therefore, it’s good if you can choose a pediatrician you’ll be happy with for the long-term. But how exactly do you choose a pediatrician?

Get a Recommendation From Your Obstetrician

The doctor’s network at the hospital where your baby was born could be a great resource. Your own obstetrician may have one or two pediatricians that they regularly recommend. A pediatrician Warwick NY obstetricians like may be just perfect for your newborn child.

Choose a Pediatrician Nearby

You’ll be visiting your child’s pediatrician fairly often for well visits, checkups and of course for illnesses. Since you’ll want to be able to get your child to the pediatrician as soon as possible, choose one that has an office near your home. A pediatrician Warwick NYresidents like to go to would be within a radius of about 20 miles or so. That accounts for a drive that’s less than half an hour.

Establish a Rapport

It’s essential that you have a good rapport with your child’s pediatrician. You’ll want to be able to clearly and effectively communicate your questions and concerns regarding your child’s health. If possible, give any prospective pediatrician a quick call to ensure that you feel comfortable speaking with them. If your native language is anything other than English, you might want to choose a pediatrician that also speaks that other language.

Ensure Within Your Insurance Network

Unfortunately, healthcare isn’t free. Be sure to ensure that any pediatrician that you choose is within your health insurance network, or whose fees you can afford. You never want to have to avoid bringing your child to the pediatrician simply because you can’t afford it. If you have any questions about coverage, contact your insurance representative, or the customer service representative at the pediatrician’s office.

Aligns With Special Needs

If for any reason your child or your family have special needs with regard to health care, be sure to keep that in mind when choosing a pediatrician. Maybe you personally need a wheelchair ramp to enter the building, or your child has certain special needs. It’s worth talking to any prospective pediatrician if you have certain considerations that need to be met.

This is an exciting time in your life. Now that you have a young one to care for, you’ll want to make sure that every caregiver in your child’s life is up to your standards, including the pediatrician. Use these tips to ensure you choose the best pediatrician for you and your family’s needs.

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