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In many homes, closets are one of the most valuable assets. They allow for easy storage of all items that do not need to be used on a daily basis. From toys to clothing, they can allow families to carefully tuck items out of sight to keep any room clutter free. Yet, choosing the right type of closet doors is not as simplistic as it sounds. One type of space-saving option is folding interior doors or bi-fold doors. They work for closets as well as for other door spaces.

How They Work Makes All of the Difference

Unlike a traditional door that swings open, with one side of the door opening up the doorway, a bi-fold door works a bit differently. These doors fold into a new design as they are opened. As a result, they allow you to open the doorway or space with less need for swing room. This allows for a wide range of benefits, including space-saving opportunities in packed rooms.

When someone pulls open the door, the folding design allows the door to fold inward, towards the edge of the frame it is linked to. As this happens, it requires less actual room in front of the doorway to open. Imagine a tight closet space or bedroom where a bed and other furniture are in the way. You want to make the most out of that space available, but you also need to be able to get into the closet. In some cases, you may be tempted to just remove the doors. This solution, on the other hand, allows for you to keep the closure option without as much necessary room in front of the doorway. These folding interior doors can do a lot of work without a lot of frustration.

Where You Can Use Them

As noted, they work well in closet spaces, but actually have a wide range of functions in a home or a place of business. For example, they can be used as partitions between two rooms. With their phonebooth-style function, they can be used in any customized space.

They are not just for homes, either. This type of door can work well in a business, a daycare, or any other area. In any situation where there is a need to open a space or doorway with less swing, and more flexibility, this type of door can work well.

Working with a company to customize the function and size of these folding interior doors, it is possible to create a solution that works for your individual needs. Choose the material, style, size, and the layout of each door to fit the space you are creating or renovating.

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