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An area rug can be used to protect your flooring from excessive wear, define boundaries in a room and bring in different colors and textures, enhancing the appearance of the room. If you are looking to purchase a new area rug, you may not realize that there are different styles available. The main styles include traditional, contemporary and transitional rugs in Coral. Before you head out to go rug shopping, learn about each of these styles of rugs to help you determine which is the best fit for your space. 


The first style of area rug is a traditional area rug. A traditional style tends to mimic classic European and Asian rug designs. In some cases, the pattern on the rug has been used for centuries, while in other cases, the pattern may be based on a classic style but slightly updated. Traditional rugs are perfect if you are going for an upscale look or want a pattern that is classic, timeless and never seems to go out of style. 


Contemporary style rugs are more modern looking rugs. The rugs tend to feature bold colors, geometrical shapes or unique patterns that make them edgy and unique. Contemporary style rugs are perfect for those who have modern style rooms or furnishings. If you are selecting a contemporary rug, you should allow the rug to be the star of the room. Instead of pairing the rug with a competing sofa or bed, pair the rug with a relatively neutral piece of furniture to help ensure the rug stands out and is the focal point of your room. 


For some people, traditional rugs are too traditional and old fashioned, while contemporary rugs are too loud or modern. If you are one of these people, transitional rugs in Coral may be perfect for you. Transitional rugs are a combination of both classic and contemporary rugs. The rug may feature classic colors with modern patterns, or classic patterns with modern colors. This type of rug is designed to marry the two styles and is a popular choice with many homeowners. 

If you are looking to purchase traditional, contemporary or transitional rugs in Coral, visit Rugs By Zhaleh. We have a wide selection of area rugs available in many different styles, sizes and materials. We can help you select the best rug based on your needs, budget and desired look. Visit our showroom today to get started. 

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