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You can connect with friends and family using Instagram. It is fun to share funny videos, pictures on your Instagram page and share with people you know. Some tips and techniques will help you to be known by other people who don’t know you and make your follower base larger. You can easily buy Instagram likes and be known to others, but if you do not follow some steps, it’s all going to vain.

So, whatever you do, follow the following steps to get known by more people on Instagram and might be famous:

  • The profile should be set to Public

If you want to be famous, you can’t always go on manually adding your others account with your Instagram. You can’t go on approving everyone. People who would want to follow you would want to watch the photos that you are sharing before they decide if they want to follow you. Make your account public to be famous.

  • Also, you should link your Instagram to other social media websites. This will help you get other friends from other platforms also start following you on Instagram.
  • Post things that you wouldn’t regret about after you make your profile public.

  • Follow as much as you can

If you go and follow a lot of people, they will start following you back. If you don’t reach out to others, you can’t expect them to reach you. Follow lots and lots of accounts. Around 160 people per hour are allowed to be followed.

  • Follow the accounts that are relevant to your post. If you like sports, follow sports lover. If you like roaming around, follow tourism. If you like cooking follow cooks, foodies and gourmand.
  • Follow celebs and comment on their posts to expose yourself. You will see that so many of their fans will start following you.
  • Follow your followers to make a long-term Instagram relationship with them.

  • Try some apps to get followers

You will find some apps that help you to get followers. They will help you to make capital and then it is your job to maintain them. You have to follow them back, get engaged with them, like their images, etc. There are apps that you can free and some you have to pay for. Remember one thing, inquire about the company from which you will use the app. There are bots and spams available, which may prove very bad for your account, even your account can get banned from Instagram. So, research about them, read their testimonials and reviews before using any app.

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