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The idea of medicine is to remove disorders; the ideal of medicine is to remove the need for doctors:

Just like our trusted smartphones, the medical industry has taken a turn to the ‘smart side.’ Smart drugs or Nootropics are manmade drugs that are used by people to enhance their mental performance. Ever since man has moved to a couch job from his hunting and gathering days, the focus has moved to mental endurance from physical agility. In a highly competitive society, they are used to boost memory, focus, boost intelligence and motivation. Naturally, these are available in Coffee, protein-rich food, ginseng root

A real deal at the best price:

In this age of the internet, medicines can be easily ordered online. Reputed stores such as RXshopMD, can deliver medicines to your doorstep. A genuine medical online store in the United States will have its inventory checked and verified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since these medications are sourced straight from the production unit, you can save a lot on medicines that are available at your local pharmacy at a higher price. Today nearly 34% of all students make use of smart drugs to cope with their academic workload in the USA.

The composition of a smart drug:

Nootropics are chiefly made up of racetam class of molecules. These chiefly include Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam, Phenylpiracetam. These class of molecules has a pyrrolidine nucleus. Upon administration, they affect the neurotransmitter acetylcholine within the brain that leads to decreased production of dopamine. Dopamine helps in transmitting the information between two adjacent brain cells. Smart drugs should not be confused with natural Nootropics. Initially, the pharmaceutical version gained popularity due to its off label use as a brain stimulant. But today there is a rising awareness towards natural Nootropics or natural cognitive enhancers. As the name suggests, they are made from naturally sourced ingredients. Some of these common ingredients include Caffeine, Green tea powder, Guarana fruit seeds. Choline commonly found in kidney beans and broccoli is also another active ingredient used in smart drugs

What is a smart drug:

Contrary to popular belief, smart drugs are not a stimulant. Also known as Modalert, these drugs as mentioned earlier enhance the cognitive functions of the brain. So far as medical research is concerned, these medicines neither cause addiction nor can they be used for the de-addiction purpose. Modalert was first approved by the US FDA in 1998 for treating the mental disorder Narcolepsy. Despite the non-addictive nature of these drugs, it is always recommended to take the consent of a registered medical practitioner. There is still the remote possibility of getting an allergy from the uncontrolled use of smart drugs. Disorders like Stevens-Johnson syndrome could get accelerated by usage of Modalert and can even cause death. Some other common symptoms can include nausea, headache, sleep disorders, diarrhea, and other stomach disorders. Amphetamine is an enhanced version of Modalert that is used to treat ADHD. But unlike Modalert, amphetamine tends to increase anxiety levels. It is a prescription medicine as it is habit forming if taken in uncontrolled dosage

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