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Most offices are extremely bland. If you’ve been on the hunt for a new rental, you know that. The most practical way to customize a blank space into the perfect workplace is with office partitions. They’ve come a long way from the drab cubicles of the 80s. Glass partitions can be custom designed and installed, and they’re as gorgeous as they are functional. Even with professional help, you need to know a few things to make sure your partitions are up to safety standards. Don’t worry, three easy tips are enough to keep you out of trouble.

A Good Fit

The first rule to remodeling a room is to measure twice and cut once. You might not be cutting your new partitions, but there’s still wisdom in this philosophy. One of the easiest traps to fall into is to save a few dollars and shorten your original division plan. Doing this creates awkward space that can actually have safety implications.

The biggest risk may surprise you. Poorly fitting partitions mess with sound in an office. This can lead to confusion in an emergency and make it difficult for people to hear warnings and important information.

Make it Look Good

It sounds silly when you think about it. Glass partitions can be difficult to see, and people walk face-first into them. While you might be picturing something from a sitcom, this situation happens somewhere in the world every day. It’s ok to smirk, but it’s also important to take the risk seriously. No office needs these kinds of accidents.

Before you start scrapping the plans for your beautiful glass partition arrangement, there’s an elegant solution to this problem. Add more aesthetics. Fog, frames, etching, nameplates and even decals are all ways to make the glass more plainly visible. When used correctly, they can also make the glass arrangement even more appealing to the eye. It’s rare that safety measures make an office prettier, so feel free to run with this one.

Keep it Clean

A professional eye is indispensable for this one. Even the highest quality office partitions can create a problem with traffic flow. It’s really a matter of design. Glass partitions typically have doors in them, but with enough partitions, those doors don’t negate the possibility of creating a maze out of your office.

Fire code is clear, and a little experience can help you keep to it without sacrificing the goals of your partitions. You simply need to ensure that everyone has adequate access to the exits and you’ll be fine.

That should cover it. Don’t cut literal corners on the design, make sure the glass is easy to see and stick to fire code. Follow those rules and your office is your playground.

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