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Every one of us loves to have pets at home, but when we want them at home as our best friends then it’s the responsible job that we should go through well. There are many of the reasons because of which sometimes pets get ill and sometimes one reason can be our ignorance.

Heartworms in dogs are the common problem and being an owner of the pet one should know about it. This devastating disease is known to be related to dogs only but according to the study, it is revealed that other pets are also coming in contact with this disease. There is a heartworm lifecycle and here is all about it in dogs.

Transmission– The immature larval stage of the worms is deposited into the skin and the reason for this is the bite of the mosquito. In about three months these juvenile worms get to enter into the bloodstream and then shifts to the right part of the heart.

They grow into the adult worms and the female adult worm now begins to reproduce and the condition of the dog here gets worse when the number of heartworms increases. Due to the increase in the number of the heartworms the worms are lodge in the heart and the large blood vessels going from heart to the lungs. This is the reason why dogs infected by heartworms have sudden death rate high. If this condition is left untreated then the dog can die of heart failure.

Prevention– If we talk about the preventive medication then Heartgard plus chewable provides protectioin against heartworms and treat and control roundworms and hookworms too. . There are many of the Heartgard plus medicines available in the market and the veterinarian suggests accordingly. Be clear about the medicines that it prevents the heartworms not cures. And to prevent pets from being infected by worms it is better to reduce the exposure of pets to mosquitoes.

Heartworm prevention is easy and inexpensive as compared to the treatment of it. You can easily give the Heartgard plus medicines as they come as chewable with the taste of real beef and you can mix that in their food or can give them in liquid form. For the prevention, it is better to give your pet veterinarian visit and have a regular blood test.

There are different brands available in the market and you should not go for them by your own as it can be dangerous and is an owner of the pet it is your responsibility to keep them away from the reach of the dogs. Sometimes overdose of the medicines is also dangerous as well as fatal. You can easily find out the symptoms whether your dog is suffering from heartworms or not.

Sometimes an infected dog can stay for a year without any symptoms and the slight symptoms start with a slight cough. As the infection increases the symptoms gets worse like, difficulty in seeing, fatigue, feeling lethargy, loss of appetite and weakness. Never ignore such symptoms and save your pet’s life.

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