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Cloud hosting has evolved to be the most sought-after hosting solution for millennial businesses. But choosing the right Cloud Hosting provider, as well as, the hosting service depends on a lot of factors, business type being one of them. As much as Cloud Hosting can be used by every industry, here are a few specific businesses that can surely benefit from Cloud Hosting solutions.

1. e-Commerce platforms

As the most rising economic segment, e-commerce businesses deal with high amounts of data and unpredictable traffic on a daily basis. The site performances of e-commerce platforms highly impact their conversions and are directly related to sales. Therefore, these sites need to be up and running at all times. Also, with online transactions taking place on e-commerce sites, they need to have high-end security measures. On the cost front, e-commerce sites already have a higher margin attached to their operational costs and hence they need the most cost-efficient solution when it comes to hosting.

To cater to these requirements of an e-commerce site, Cloud Hosting proves to be the best solution to host e-commerce sites.

2. News websites/publications

Users access news sites round-the-clock and to get quick updates on current affairs. As such, these sites need to have maximum uptimes at any given point in time and need support 24X7, 365 days. Also, news websites need to have a scope of breaking news or a major event, when the number of viewers can suddenly go up by millions, causing the site to load slow or even crash (from overloading). With constant competition in this segment, news websites cannot afford to lose visitors to their competitors due to performance issues. Since Cloud Hosting involves hosting on multiple servers, failure of one server doesn’t affect the website. If one server fails, others pitch in and take its place. This guarantees maximum uptime and hence, Cloud Hosting is also ideal for a news website.

3. Startups and Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs)

The current global economy is being driven by startups, giving rise to small businesses. Needless to say, websites form their primary business platform, and these ventures thrive a lot on their site traffic. As much as innovative and enterprising these businesses are, they are highly cost-sensitive. Most startups and SMBs have a stringent IT budget and look for the most cost-effective options. That is why these companies need a hosting solution which is easily and instantly scalable. Also, since their main lead generation happens through their websites, they need the maximum uptime for constant traffic flow as well as to maintain their newly established reputation.

With these requirements to consider, Cloud Hosting works as the best option for startups and small businesses.

Summing up

Cloud hosting offers around 99.99% uptimes, instant resource and cost scalability, advanced security tools, integrated CDN, smart caching servers, and 24-hour tech support, which result in better site performances, helping meet the needs of these specific businesses. However, every business has its own hosting needs and operational requirements. As a business owner, you should assess and understand all the aspects of cloud hosting and the service provider before you sign up, so you can make the most out of cloud services.

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