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The need for a large volume of towels extends to more businesses than hotels and motels. Many gyms, non-profit fitness organizations and spas require a high volume of towels for their clients. The notion that a company’s decision-maker will send someone to a discount outlet each time inventory runs low often prove costly and results in poor client experience.

Today’s hospitality industry relies on robust customer experience to earn trust, repeat business and towels are one of the seemingly small things that make a big difference. That being said, these are key things to know about buying the right hotel towels wholesale.

Different Usages of Cotton

The adage that no two things are created equal applies to towels. There are significant differences between cotton weaves that impact longevity, cost, and customer experience. Consider which of these standard cotton blends best serves your needs.

  • Cotton-Polyester Blend: The mix often includes upwards or 86 percent cotton against about 14 percent polyester that creates a highly durable commercial product at a cost-effective price.
  • 100 Percent Cotton: Highly absorbent, soft and gentle to the touch, this product provides patrons with a sense of luxury.
  • Ring Spun Cotton: This 100 percent cotton product offers high-end silkiness that can make sense for upscale hotels and spas among others.
  • Zero Twist: This weave is generally about 30 percent tighter than other products and tends to dry faster.
  • Egyptian Cotton: Crafted from lush, natural cotton yarns, it excels in absorbency and fast-drying capabilities.  

Although other material may be viable options, cotton remains the industry standard when purchasing hotel towels wholesale.

Hotel Towel Size Matters

One of the best reasons to buy hotel towels wholesale is that they are not a one-size-fits-all product. If you are relatively new to ordering products in the hospitality, spa or an associated industry, there are several different types you will need to keep an abundant supply of in stock. Think through your customer needs when purchasing from these towel possibilities.

  • Bath Towels: Although commonly viewed as the most used industry towel, they can range from 20×40 inches to 30×58. Smaller items are widely used for wrapping wet hair while larger products fulfill the basic drying off after showers or swimming.
  • Hand Towel: It may come as something of a surprise, but a hospitality business often goes through more hand towels than any other product. Products generally range from 15×25 inches to 18×30 and may also substitute as face towels.
  • Washcloths: Running about 13×13 inches, these products can also exceed bath towel use in hospitality industry settings.

When purchasing hotel towels wholesale, it’s important to think through and track ongoing customer usage. While quality towels tend to be highly durable, materials wear over time. Customer satisfaction and experience often rest on details such as a good towel.

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